Vitae et Mortem

Carthage S1E8

Baldovin awakes to discover that he is alone in the cave. The wall he constructed the previous night has been damaged. There is a blood-covered gap where the elephant must have smashed its way out. Baldovin decides to track the elephant and sets off into the night.

Amunet goes in search of a library. Unfortunately each library she finds is closed. When she asks where she might find a library that is still open she is directed to The Great Library of Baal. Amunet heads there and begins her studies.

Baldovin eventually find his elephant. Its face is badly smashed and bloody. Evidence that it decided to leave the cave through the wall. Baldovin feeds it more blood and leads it back to the cave. Hoping the elephant will stay in the cave he sets off over the cliffside towards Carthage.

Ildamer is plotting his next move at The Great Library of Baal. Upon seeing Amunet there and sensing the potency of her blood he decides to leave.

Lilit leaves the Temple of Lilith with an entourage of priestesses. They snake dance their way to the brothel. Lilit asks to speak to the man in charge. The proprietor asks if Lilit and her girls are looking for work. Lilit takes offence captivating the proprietor, then intimidating him using the full force of her supernatural presence. All while her priestesses continues the snake dance behind her. Lilit makes the men present fall in love with her then enters the brothel heading to the owner’s private rooms.

Lilit drinks from ‘Piggy’, the brothel owner until he is almost dead. Lilit has the guards that resisted her charms brought before her. She tells them they will now get their reward for services rendered signalling to the other two entranced guards to dispatch them. One of the resistant guards, Barbarus sees the attack coming and shouts a warning. As the half dead Piggy watches his guards fight a brutal mortal combat Lilit and her priestesses point and giggle mockingly. As the combatants tire Barbarus grabs Piggy and puts a blade to his throat. Lilit shouts ‘stop’ and her followers stop. Barbarus shouts ‘Leave or I kill him’. Lilit replies ‘Oh but you won’t do that. You love me’ and he does.

Upon entering Carthage Baldovin heads to the Temple of Dagon. On his way there he spots some shady looking figures in an alley. Baldovin sneaks over to the alley, and peers around the corner. He is met by four gazes. Realising that this is the creature that has been terrorising the docks. Baldovin demands explanation. ‘Or I could just let my men kill you…’ is his answer as the ringleader disappears into the shadows.

The fight is a three on one brutal bloody affair Baldovin frenzies after killing the first. In his frenzied state he cleaves the chest of the second open leaving him incapacitated and bleeding out. Baldovin then pounces on the third assailant and completely drains him off blood. After regaining his senses Baldovin interrogates the dying assailant and finds out that their leader is Ildamer who claims demesne over the docks. Finally, a name.

Aristodemos is surprised to see Baldovin. More so due to him looking more feral, frantic and desperate. Baldovin explains that he now knows who he is after and they will soon be brought to justice. After updating Aristodemos about Ildamer, Baldovin disappears into the night.

Having secured Piggy and the guards in her ‘guest’ quarters beneath the temple, Lilit is visited by Baldovin. Baldovin explains that he knows who is after and that he only needs to locate them. Lilit is pleased to share that she also has information. She has the mask maker brought before them. Once more she makes the mask maker tell her everything, especially about the secret cult and it’s location. The broken mask maker is a sobbing mess before Lilit’s feet. Lilit caresses him as she pries the information from him. Baldovin is jealous of the attention and almost frenzies. Upon hearing this information Baldovin declares that now is the time to strike. Lilit disagrees and they enter into debate. Baldovin’s standpoint is based on his unmatched tactical knowledge. However, they are in the Temple of Lilith and the assembly is mostly Lilit’s priestesses and lovers. Lilit takes a religious standpoint. It is over quickly and Baldovin is forbidden from pursuing his quarry.

Baldovin returns to his cave.

Baal pays a visit to his library. He sees Amunet still researching and heads over to her. Amunet hears him approach and turns to greet him. Baal is overcome with fear of Amunet’s ancient blood. He runs in terror from his library.

Carthage S1E7

Baldovin scrabbles around in the dark crypt hunting down rats for sustenance. He decides to leave Carthage and slips out of the gates. After walking for a time, Baldovin spots an elephant on the horizon. Baldovin sneaks up on the elephant then mounts it. He hangs on and bites down, healing himself with the elephant’s blood. Baldovin then feeds the elephant some of his blood and leaves it in a cave. Baldovin then slips back into Carthage.

Aristodemos invites local Captains to dine with him at the Temple of Dagon. Captain Saltbeard alone arrives at the temple to accept this hospitality. They talk of business and then Aristodemos explains that he has the power to deal with any further disruptions in the docks. Captain Saltbeard is glad to hear this and affirms he has always respected the Temple of Dagon and Aristodemos can count on his support in the future.

Amunet arrives in Carthage. She meets with Chenzira a fellow Mekhet and member of the Cult of Anubis. Chenzira explains that the main goal of the cult is to remain hidden and gain a foothold in Carthage. Amunet asks what Chenzira requires of her and is told nothing save, keep us hidden; keep us secret.

Lilit is disappointed with the mask maker’s results. She makes him fall completely in love with her then asks if the mask is as beautiful as her face. The distraught mask maker breaks down in tears realising the masks grave insult to the perfect visage of the Goddess Lilit. Lilit further breaks the mask maker by allowing him to tell her everything. The mask maker begins a sobbing confession about how his humble skills could never do justice to the beauty of Lilit and he has so little time with all the masks he has to make for the other cult…

Aristodemos is paid an unexpected visit by Baal. Baal is charming, attractive and accompanied by an entourage of enthralled followers. Aristodemos finds Baal to be a little overpowering but is glad to hear that he is willing to lend aid to the temple due to a common heritage.

Baldovin enters a tavern and awes the crowd with his fame and legend. When the gathered crowd ask what they can do for the great Baldovin they are told to he needs writing materials and a scribe. A local bard offers his skills to Baldovin. They retire to a room above the tavern where the bard is staying. Baldovin dictates a letter to Lilit and one to Virus. Baldovin then departs with the bard. Shortly after leaving the adoring crowd, Baldovin thinks better of a bardic companion and kills him disposing of the body in a nearby well.

Baldovin builds a wall of rocks at the entrance to his cave, walling himself and his elephant in the dark. Baldovin then sleeps for the day.

Carthage S1E6

Amunet runs from the library and tells the guards about the mysterious voice at the library. The guards are not impressed by her story and question her sanity. Amunet’s father arrives to take her home. He is growing tired of Amunet’s escapades.

A few weeks later Amunet’s father brings home as a potential suitor. This man is not nearly as charming or educated as some of the others she has met in the past. It seems the stories of the rebellious daughter who does not know her place has made her an unattractive prospect. Amunet gets up from the table and runs out the door.

Amunet’s does not get far; her father catches her and brings her home. Amunet is sent to her room in disgrace.

Amunet escapes through the window. She cannot stay but has nowhere to go; perhaps she could flee the city? Amunet spends hours darting through the streets trying to hide from guards who would take her back to her father. Tired and alone with nowhere to go Amunet heads to the library.

Amunet tries to climb into the library but Ershe appears at the window and pushes her back out. Amunet falls to the ground. Amunet tries to climb in again but loses her grip and falls. She hits her head and is knocked unconscious.

Amunet wakes in the guardhouse. Her father collects her. He says nothing just marches her home.

Amunet is alone in her room. The shutters on the window preventing escape.

Amunet gives in to despair. She has nowhere to go and no one to turn to. Amunet gags herself with a slip of bed linen then sets about opening her wrists. Amunet has not prepared for this event and digs every sharp implement into her wrists frantically trying to finish the job before she loses consciousness and has a chance to be saved. She hits an artery and loses consciousness as her father enters the room.

Amunet awakens in a dark tomb like chamber. She realises she is dead but does not understand how she yet moves, thinks, exists. Amunet is discovered by Ershe. Ershe explains Amunet is now Mekhet and all that entails. Amunet is given the free reign of the Library of Alexandria where she remains for the next 150 years…

Carthage S1E5

Aristidemos is finally able to leave the Temple of Dagon and prepare a funeral for the dead priestesses. A pyre is set upon the cliffs while Aristodemos orates a service to a gathering in the docks.

Lilit has a large gathering due to her advertising. Lilit breaks them into groups and does intimate audiences with the groups to ensure they all love her and follow Liliths creed.

Baldovin lurks within the crypts of Carthage. Haunted by the memories of his failings Baldovin does not want to be near human or vampire for fear that his hunger will take control of him. Baldovin spends the night scrabbling around in the dark, eating rats.

In the grand city of Alexandria in the heart of Egypt a young Amunet Eshe is born. Amunet is the daughter of a scribe and has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. She spends much of her youth learning from scrolls and understanding her family trade. Amunet does not want to leave her happy youth of reading and writing. Amunet talks of the things she had learned when potential suitors turn up to consider her hand. As the years roll on Amunet is considered somewhat odd. The proposals become less and less and her family grow weary of reports from guards that she has been seen sneaking through the streets late at night. Amunet has a habit of sneaking into the Library of Alexandria at night.

One night Amunet hears a strange disembodied voice in her room. The voice promises all the knowledge she could ever want. The next morning Amunet’s father receives a scroll offering to buy Amunet as a slave. Amunet reassures her father by telling him that it is a message from her secret lover. She had spoken with him in her room last night and had planned to meet with him again tonight. When asked what his name was and what he did Amunet found she had no answer.

Amunet reads the scroll for herself the first chance she gets. Amunet is outraged that it is, in fact a slave contract. Amunet sneaks into the library once again. This time she hears the voice in the library. The voice introduces himself as ‘Ershe’ and tells Amunet she will not enter the library again while she yet lives.

Carthage S1E4

Aristodemas wakes to the fallout of previous nights chaos. Tamacleas has done his best to keep the priestesses calm and the temple in order. Aristodemas and Tamacleas begin cleaning up and sorting out the bodies.

Lilit orates and dances the story of Lilith and explains the sisterhood they all belong to. Lilit then sends her flock forth to swell their numbers.

Baldovin is distressed that Cyrenius has not been found. His search takes him to the barracks Cyrenius had told him he planned to recruit from. The soldiers there tell him how Cyrenius was cut down the previous night. Baldovin is overcome with grief and enters a violent frenzy. As more and more soldiers enter the fight Baldovin is eventually cut down.

Cyrenius is woken from torpor by Virus. He finds himself in a morgue with Baldovin’s corpse beside him. Virus then walks over to Baldovin opens his wrist and feeds him his blood. Baldovin sees Virus and unleashes his rage directing his frenzy at his sire. Virus not wanting to hurt his childe or meet final death flees with supernatural speed. Baldovin pursues him into the night. Cyrenius slips away in the other direction.

Aristodemas explains to Tamacleas that Dagon has granted him strength, and that for his service Dagon will now grant him strength too. Aristodemas feeds Tamacleas his blood and makes him his ghoul.

Cyrenius still badly injured staggers through the streets. He is accosted by a thug, who likes Cyrenius’ sword, and his armour. Cyrenius is not prepared to yield. A brief fight starts and ends with Cyrenius’ torpid corpse on the floor and the thug looting the body.

Lilit hold a ceremony to elevate her acolytes to priestesses. Lilit reveals the secrets of Lilith and feeds her blood to her acolytes. Those who love her enough and have faith become priestesses the others must try harder.

Baldovin loses the Virus’ trail. As he is walking through the night streets he sees a thug carrying Cyrenius’ armour. The rage at seeing that his beloved friend has fallen to a common thug overcomes him. As the frenzy subsides the thug is a bloody mess on the ground.

Aristodemas and Tamacleas need to leave the temple to dispose of the bodies. When they begin to open the temple doors something strong tries to force it’s way in. The two of them keep the door closed and spend the rest of the night with their backs to the door whilst something hammers on it from outside.

The grief stricken Baldovin finds Cyrenius’ corpse a few streets away. Baldovin is torn between his love for his brother in arms and his insatiable desire for blood. Baldovin feeds on Cyrenius then his thirst takes hold and he enters a feeding frenzy. When he regains his composure Cyrenius has met the final death and Baldovin has consumed his soul.

Baldovin decides he cannot go back. Has he fallen too far? Baldovin disappears into the night.

Carthage S1E3

Baldovin dispatches a messenger to Lilit to inform her that regrettably he cannot meet with her tonight. Baldovin and Cyrenius then lead the Sacred Blood investigation into the previous nights events.

Aristodemas continues his investigation. He speaks with the ships captains and swears to bring to bring those to responsible to justice. Aristodemas takes the offer of protection from Baldovin.

Lilit has a local artisan brought before her. Lilit cows him before her presence. Looking the great and terrible goddess she asks him to go make masks as beautiful as her glorious visage. She makes him love her then feeds him her blood. After performing for her adoring mortals Lilit prepares to leave the temple.

Cyrenius heads off to recruit from the barracks.

Baldovin reports back to Virus and asks what he should do. Virus suggests that using his fame Baldovin could be a great help to Cyrenius efforts. Baldovin considers this but feels so in love with Lilit he can’t bear to be away from her. Baldovin sets off to find Lilit.

Lilit discovers a local brothel. Lilit decides she plans for it in the future. Lilit finds a whore in a nearby alley. Lilit slithers toward her, dancing her serpentine dance. Lilit leans her corpselike face close to her and recites the dogma of Lilith. Lilit then leaves her.

Aristodemas examines the scene of the previous night. He then heads back to the Temple of Dagon.

Baldovin finds Lilit as she is heading back to the temple. Baldovin accompanies her back, drinks her blood again, and bears his soul to her.

Cyrenius orates to the two hundred soldiers he has gathered. The oration is not going well and Cyrenius gets frustrated and stabs one to get their attention. Cyrenius does not get the result he hoped for and is brutally stabbed into torpor by the crowd.

Aristodemas arrives back to the temple and discovers some knifemen guarding the doorway. Hearing screams from within he decides to dispatch the intruders. During the fight his rage takes hold and Aristodemas falls into a violent frenzy. When he regains his senses he finds himself a few streets away from the temple covered in blood.

Baldovin goes back to the Sacred Blood barracks to wait for Cyrenius.

Aristodemas heads back to the temple and the horrific scene there. The men Aristodemas was fighting have been killed in the most brutal manner. The Priestesses have been attacked and have broken down. With dawn approaching Aristodemas has no choice but to drag the bodies out of the way shut the doors and sleep for the day.

Carthage S1E2

Aristodemos disposes of the body of a priestess he killed during a feeding frenzy by dropping her from a cliff into the ocean.

Baldovin is sent to investigate the Temple of Lilith and reports of the late night chaos there. Baldovin shows his face around town using his fame to socialise.

Baldovin then heads to the Temple of Lilith.

Tamacleas informs Aristodemos that there is a group who are extorting a portion of ships wealth. Several Captains have been affected. Aristodemos begins his investigation.

Cyrenius hunts the night. Searching for fighting men loyal to Carthage.

Baldovin arrives at the Temple of Lilith. Lilit seems apologetic and charming. Baldovin is compelled to stay a while and enjoy her hospitality. Lilit feeds Baldovin her blood and makes him fall intensely in love with her. Soon Baldovin is confessing all his darkest secrets to Lilit who listens intently.

Aristodemos discovers the location of a warehouse where the racketeers seem to be based. He recruits a group of able bodied men from the affected ships Captains and heads to the warehouse. Aristodemos has his men cover the exits and head into the warehouse with them. Aristodemos announces his presence and intent. There is no reply. They head deeper into the warehouse. Then the screams start. The intense sounds of mortal combat within the dark. Something horrific jumps out at Aristodemos. Terror takes hold and Aristodemos runs from the scene.

Regrouping outside the warehouse with Tamacleas, Aristdemos decides that a further attempt to enter the warehouse would not be wise so decides to gather more men to burn it to the ground.

Cyrenius sees the fire in the sky whilst heading to a fighting pit, looking for men. He sets off to investigate and is first on the scene.

During a moonlight stroll Lilit and Baldovin see the fire. Lilit heads back to her temple and Baldovin parts to investigate the fire.

Aristodemos explains the situation to Cyrenius and Baldovin. They then part company before the coming dawn.

Carthage S1E1

Virus meets with Baldovin with the intention of embracing him into the vampiric order ‘The Sacred Blood’ when Virus bites Baldovin instead of succumbing to the ecstacy of the kiss Baldovin resists and hacks down Virus. With Virus’ men in the other room Baldovin escapes through the window and escapes into the night. Baldovin is then stalked by Virus the man he has recently cut down through the Carthage streets. When the inevitable confrontation occurs Baldovin near decapitates Virus, his head attached by a few sinews. Virus seems to shrug off this injury and overpowers Baldovin. Baldovin is greeted back from the dead as an honoured member of the Sacred Blood.

Aliya a temple born sacred whore is taken by Lilit to accompany her on her travels. Lilit gives instructions for renovations to the temple of Lilit. They wander the desert for countless years. Upon return the Temple of Lilit is restored and glorious. Lilit then leaves to head east and become Isis. Aliya then becomes Lilit.

Aristodemos Polycarp having spent his whole life helping his father and been given nothing not even respect turns to prayer. Aristodemos heads to the Temple of Dagon to pray for a better life. The Priestess of the temple grants Aristodemos strength and an oportunity to have all he ever wanted. First he must kill his father. After an eventful murder Aristdemos is embraced as a vampire and left in charge of the Temple of Dagon while his sire leaves to pursue other goals.

Virus meets with Cyrenius to discuss his future. Virus once again has plans to embrace into The Sacred Blood. After talking a while Virus trys to bite Cyrenius who like Baldovin resists. A fight breaks out. Cyrenius is thrown around the room and beated near to death, although not without giving as good as he gets. Head swimming and unable to stand Cyrenius is no longer able to resist and Virus gets his way. After death Cyrenius is welcomed into The Sacred Blood.

Present day.

Aristodemos awakes in his temple. He is ravenous. Aristdemos decides to feed from one of his priestesses. Such is the hunger that the beast takes hold of Aristodemos and he feeds until the poor priestess is drained to a husk. Not able to dispose of the body right away Aristodomos goes about his duties until late. That night he prepares the body for the afterlife, performs the rites, then dumps the body off the nearby cliffs and into the sea.

In the Sacred Blood barracks Cyrenius and Baldovin start their night with some friendly sparing. They are well matched and decide to call it a draw. Cyrenius discuses his plans to train bodyguards and diplomats. Baldovin leaves to patrol the streets.

Lilit awakes and dances into the temple before the waiting congregation. Lilit is hungry and decides to feed on an acolyte and incorporate it into her dance. Unfortunately her hunger is such that the beast takes control and she drains the acolyte of all her blood leaving her dead upon the alter. Lilit decides this could look bad and decides to continue as if this was planned. Lilit smears some of the acolytes remainign blood on herself and continues with her dance. Some of the onlookers are somewhat unsettled and Lilit decides to address this. Lilit picks one of the congregation and using her vampiric powers makes her confess everything. The poor girl breaks down in tears having told every dark secret she holds dear. Lilit considers this a good thing and has her acolytes escort her from the main chamber. Lilit then with the help of her acoyltes dances through the crowd and turns the night into a blood drinking orgy. After a while Lilit considers her guests may be hungry so serves the dead acolyte with some side dishes to the congregation. Late in the night Lilit sends her guest on their way.

Baldovin checks in with Virus before going to ground.

Cyrenius decides to feed on a whore but forgets where he is and pushes her face into the mud intending to give her a massage. When asked by a bodyguard what he is doing he runs.

Carthage Intro

Carthage is the largest city. Carthage has the greatest navy. Carthage is the largest trade center.

Aliya meets Lilit. They travel together for many years. Lilit teaches Aliya. Lilit then returns Aliya to Carthage where the temple of Lilith has been restored to glory. Lilit then says she is leaving, heading east. Lilit tells Aliya it is her time to become Lilit while she fancys becoming Isis.

Baldavin expands the Cartheginian empire. Glory and success plant him in history. He is recruited by Virus into the Sacred Blood.

Aristomomos Polycarp labours under his father. Aristomos is denied a future. After praying to Dagon, Aristodomos is offered a chance to change his future.

Cyrenius fights heroically for Carthage. Following an incompentant general who leads his army into rout, battle after battle. Everytime the army withdrew Cyrenius held the rearguard, ambusing enemy units and buying the army time to withdraw. the campaign was considered a success dues to Cyrenius. This was not unnoticed by the sacred blood.

Wars with the Greeks in Sicily and Rumours from Rome…

Rome Intro

In Egypt Akhenaten changes Egypts religion. The temple of Anubis does not like this so they send an assasin, Dadakai. In the aftermath, in order to save face the temple of Anubis deliver the assasin to the most horrific of punishments; living mumification.

Gaius Marius is visited by ancestor spirits. They tell him he is needed but his destiny does not lie with the living.

Ceade Fallus finds the most beautifull woman in all the world at his sexy party. He knows love, then death.

Tigirius Valvitari meets Severus Corvinus at a sexy party. Severus Corvinus embraces him before he destroys himself.

Severus Victus loses for the first time. He doesn’t take it lying down.

Gunthgar finds his love, Zelda on the arm of a Roman. He is intercepted by Ulfred Bestia before he can save her.

Angry at not being taken seriously a young man becomes a gladiator. he is encouraged by the most beautiful woman in the world.

Dakakai arrives in Rome on a slave ship and is greeted by Villius Palatine.

And so it begins.


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