Vitae et Mortem

Carthage Intro

Carthage is the largest city. Carthage has the greatest navy. Carthage is the largest trade center.

Aliya meets Lilit. They travel together for many years. Lilit teaches Aliya. Lilit then returns Aliya to Carthage where the temple of Lilith has been restored to glory. Lilit then says she is leaving, heading east. Lilit tells Aliya it is her time to become Lilit while she fancys becoming Isis.

Baldavin expands the Cartheginian empire. Glory and success plant him in history. He is recruited by Virus into the Sacred Blood.

Aristomomos Polycarp labours under his father. Aristomos is denied a future. After praying to Dagon, Aristodomos is offered a chance to change his future.

Cyrenius fights heroically for Carthage. Following an incompentant general who leads his army into rout, battle after battle. Everytime the army withdrew Cyrenius held the rearguard, ambusing enemy units and buying the army time to withdraw. the campaign was considered a success dues to Cyrenius. This was not unnoticed by the sacred blood.

Wars with the Greeks in Sicily and Rumours from Rome…



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