Vitae et Mortem

Carthage S1E1

Virus meets with Baldovin with the intention of embracing him into the vampiric order ‘The Sacred Blood’ when Virus bites Baldovin instead of succumbing to the ecstacy of the kiss Baldovin resists and hacks down Virus. With Virus’ men in the other room Baldovin escapes through the window and escapes into the night. Baldovin is then stalked by Virus the man he has recently cut down through the Carthage streets. When the inevitable confrontation occurs Baldovin near decapitates Virus, his head attached by a few sinews. Virus seems to shrug off this injury and overpowers Baldovin. Baldovin is greeted back from the dead as an honoured member of the Sacred Blood.

Aliya a temple born sacred whore is taken by Lilit to accompany her on her travels. Lilit gives instructions for renovations to the temple of Lilit. They wander the desert for countless years. Upon return the Temple of Lilit is restored and glorious. Lilit then leaves to head east and become Isis. Aliya then becomes Lilit.

Aristodemos Polycarp having spent his whole life helping his father and been given nothing not even respect turns to prayer. Aristodemos heads to the Temple of Dagon to pray for a better life. The Priestess of the temple grants Aristodemos strength and an oportunity to have all he ever wanted. First he must kill his father. After an eventful murder Aristdemos is embraced as a vampire and left in charge of the Temple of Dagon while his sire leaves to pursue other goals.

Virus meets with Cyrenius to discuss his future. Virus once again has plans to embrace into The Sacred Blood. After talking a while Virus trys to bite Cyrenius who like Baldovin resists. A fight breaks out. Cyrenius is thrown around the room and beated near to death, although not without giving as good as he gets. Head swimming and unable to stand Cyrenius is no longer able to resist and Virus gets his way. After death Cyrenius is welcomed into The Sacred Blood.

Present day.

Aristodemos awakes in his temple. He is ravenous. Aristdemos decides to feed from one of his priestesses. Such is the hunger that the beast takes hold of Aristodemos and he feeds until the poor priestess is drained to a husk. Not able to dispose of the body right away Aristodomos goes about his duties until late. That night he prepares the body for the afterlife, performs the rites, then dumps the body off the nearby cliffs and into the sea.

In the Sacred Blood barracks Cyrenius and Baldovin start their night with some friendly sparing. They are well matched and decide to call it a draw. Cyrenius discuses his plans to train bodyguards and diplomats. Baldovin leaves to patrol the streets.

Lilit awakes and dances into the temple before the waiting congregation. Lilit is hungry and decides to feed on an acolyte and incorporate it into her dance. Unfortunately her hunger is such that the beast takes control and she drains the acolyte of all her blood leaving her dead upon the alter. Lilit decides this could look bad and decides to continue as if this was planned. Lilit smears some of the acolytes remainign blood on herself and continues with her dance. Some of the onlookers are somewhat unsettled and Lilit decides to address this. Lilit picks one of the congregation and using her vampiric powers makes her confess everything. The poor girl breaks down in tears having told every dark secret she holds dear. Lilit considers this a good thing and has her acolytes escort her from the main chamber. Lilit then with the help of her acoyltes dances through the crowd and turns the night into a blood drinking orgy. After a while Lilit considers her guests may be hungry so serves the dead acolyte with some side dishes to the congregation. Late in the night Lilit sends her guest on their way.

Baldovin checks in with Virus before going to ground.

Cyrenius decides to feed on a whore but forgets where he is and pushes her face into the mud intending to give her a massage. When asked by a bodyguard what he is doing he runs.



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