Vitae et Mortem

Carthage S1E2

Aristodemos disposes of the body of a priestess he killed during a feeding frenzy by dropping her from a cliff into the ocean.

Baldovin is sent to investigate the Temple of Lilith and reports of the late night chaos there. Baldovin shows his face around town using his fame to socialise.

Baldovin then heads to the Temple of Lilith.

Tamacleas informs Aristodemos that there is a group who are extorting a portion of ships wealth. Several Captains have been affected. Aristodemos begins his investigation.

Cyrenius hunts the night. Searching for fighting men loyal to Carthage.

Baldovin arrives at the Temple of Lilith. Lilit seems apologetic and charming. Baldovin is compelled to stay a while and enjoy her hospitality. Lilit feeds Baldovin her blood and makes him fall intensely in love with her. Soon Baldovin is confessing all his darkest secrets to Lilit who listens intently.

Aristodemos discovers the location of a warehouse where the racketeers seem to be based. He recruits a group of able bodied men from the affected ships Captains and heads to the warehouse. Aristodemos has his men cover the exits and head into the warehouse with them. Aristodemos announces his presence and intent. There is no reply. They head deeper into the warehouse. Then the screams start. The intense sounds of mortal combat within the dark. Something horrific jumps out at Aristodemos. Terror takes hold and Aristodemos runs from the scene.

Regrouping outside the warehouse with Tamacleas, Aristdemos decides that a further attempt to enter the warehouse would not be wise so decides to gather more men to burn it to the ground.

Cyrenius sees the fire in the sky whilst heading to a fighting pit, looking for men. He sets off to investigate and is first on the scene.

During a moonlight stroll Lilit and Baldovin see the fire. Lilit heads back to her temple and Baldovin parts to investigate the fire.

Aristodemos explains the situation to Cyrenius and Baldovin. They then part company before the coming dawn.



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