Vitae et Mortem

Carthage S1E3

Baldovin dispatches a messenger to Lilit to inform her that regrettably he cannot meet with her tonight. Baldovin and Cyrenius then lead the Sacred Blood investigation into the previous nights events.

Aristodemas continues his investigation. He speaks with the ships captains and swears to bring to bring those to responsible to justice. Aristodemas takes the offer of protection from Baldovin.

Lilit has a local artisan brought before her. Lilit cows him before her presence. Looking the great and terrible goddess she asks him to go make masks as beautiful as her glorious visage. She makes him love her then feeds him her blood. After performing for her adoring mortals Lilit prepares to leave the temple.

Cyrenius heads off to recruit from the barracks.

Baldovin reports back to Virus and asks what he should do. Virus suggests that using his fame Baldovin could be a great help to Cyrenius efforts. Baldovin considers this but feels so in love with Lilit he can’t bear to be away from her. Baldovin sets off to find Lilit.

Lilit discovers a local brothel. Lilit decides she plans for it in the future. Lilit finds a whore in a nearby alley. Lilit slithers toward her, dancing her serpentine dance. Lilit leans her corpselike face close to her and recites the dogma of Lilith. Lilit then leaves her.

Aristodemas examines the scene of the previous night. He then heads back to the Temple of Dagon.

Baldovin finds Lilit as she is heading back to the temple. Baldovin accompanies her back, drinks her blood again, and bears his soul to her.

Cyrenius orates to the two hundred soldiers he has gathered. The oration is not going well and Cyrenius gets frustrated and stabs one to get their attention. Cyrenius does not get the result he hoped for and is brutally stabbed into torpor by the crowd.

Aristodemas arrives back to the temple and discovers some knifemen guarding the doorway. Hearing screams from within he decides to dispatch the intruders. During the fight his rage takes hold and Aristodemas falls into a violent frenzy. When he regains his senses he finds himself a few streets away from the temple covered in blood.

Baldovin goes back to the Sacred Blood barracks to wait for Cyrenius.

Aristodemas heads back to the temple and the horrific scene there. The men Aristodemas was fighting have been killed in the most brutal manner. The Priestesses have been attacked and have broken down. With dawn approaching Aristodemas has no choice but to drag the bodies out of the way shut the doors and sleep for the day.



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