Vitae et Mortem

Carthage S1E4

Aristodemas wakes to the fallout of previous nights chaos. Tamacleas has done his best to keep the priestesses calm and the temple in order. Aristodemas and Tamacleas begin cleaning up and sorting out the bodies.

Lilit orates and dances the story of Lilith and explains the sisterhood they all belong to. Lilit then sends her flock forth to swell their numbers.

Baldovin is distressed that Cyrenius has not been found. His search takes him to the barracks Cyrenius had told him he planned to recruit from. The soldiers there tell him how Cyrenius was cut down the previous night. Baldovin is overcome with grief and enters a violent frenzy. As more and more soldiers enter the fight Baldovin is eventually cut down.

Cyrenius is woken from torpor by Virus. He finds himself in a morgue with Baldovin’s corpse beside him. Virus then walks over to Baldovin opens his wrist and feeds him his blood. Baldovin sees Virus and unleashes his rage directing his frenzy at his sire. Virus not wanting to hurt his childe or meet final death flees with supernatural speed. Baldovin pursues him into the night. Cyrenius slips away in the other direction.

Aristodemas explains to Tamacleas that Dagon has granted him strength, and that for his service Dagon will now grant him strength too. Aristodemas feeds Tamacleas his blood and makes him his ghoul.

Cyrenius still badly injured staggers through the streets. He is accosted by a thug, who likes Cyrenius’ sword, and his armour. Cyrenius is not prepared to yield. A brief fight starts and ends with Cyrenius’ torpid corpse on the floor and the thug looting the body.

Lilit hold a ceremony to elevate her acolytes to priestesses. Lilit reveals the secrets of Lilith and feeds her blood to her acolytes. Those who love her enough and have faith become priestesses the others must try harder.

Baldovin loses the Virus’ trail. As he is walking through the night streets he sees a thug carrying Cyrenius’ armour. The rage at seeing that his beloved friend has fallen to a common thug overcomes him. As the frenzy subsides the thug is a bloody mess on the ground.

Aristodemas and Tamacleas need to leave the temple to dispose of the bodies. When they begin to open the temple doors something strong tries to force it’s way in. The two of them keep the door closed and spend the rest of the night with their backs to the door whilst something hammers on it from outside.

The grief stricken Baldovin finds Cyrenius’ corpse a few streets away. Baldovin is torn between his love for his brother in arms and his insatiable desire for blood. Baldovin feeds on Cyrenius then his thirst takes hold and he enters a feeding frenzy. When he regains his composure Cyrenius has met the final death and Baldovin has consumed his soul.

Baldovin decides he cannot go back. Has he fallen too far? Baldovin disappears into the night.



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