Vitae et Mortem

Carthage S1E5

Aristidemos is finally able to leave the Temple of Dagon and prepare a funeral for the dead priestesses. A pyre is set upon the cliffs while Aristodemos orates a service to a gathering in the docks.

Lilit has a large gathering due to her advertising. Lilit breaks them into groups and does intimate audiences with the groups to ensure they all love her and follow Liliths creed.

Baldovin lurks within the crypts of Carthage. Haunted by the memories of his failings Baldovin does not want to be near human or vampire for fear that his hunger will take control of him. Baldovin spends the night scrabbling around in the dark, eating rats.

In the grand city of Alexandria in the heart of Egypt a young Amunet Eshe is born. Amunet is the daughter of a scribe and has an insatiable thirst for knowledge. She spends much of her youth learning from scrolls and understanding her family trade. Amunet does not want to leave her happy youth of reading and writing. Amunet talks of the things she had learned when potential suitors turn up to consider her hand. As the years roll on Amunet is considered somewhat odd. The proposals become less and less and her family grow weary of reports from guards that she has been seen sneaking through the streets late at night. Amunet has a habit of sneaking into the Library of Alexandria at night.

One night Amunet hears a strange disembodied voice in her room. The voice promises all the knowledge she could ever want. The next morning Amunet’s father receives a scroll offering to buy Amunet as a slave. Amunet reassures her father by telling him that it is a message from her secret lover. She had spoken with him in her room last night and had planned to meet with him again tonight. When asked what his name was and what he did Amunet found she had no answer.

Amunet reads the scroll for herself the first chance she gets. Amunet is outraged that it is, in fact a slave contract. Amunet sneaks into the library once again. This time she hears the voice in the library. The voice introduces himself as ‘Ershe’ and tells Amunet she will not enter the library again while she yet lives.



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