Vitae et Mortem

Carthage S1E6

Amunet runs from the library and tells the guards about the mysterious voice at the library. The guards are not impressed by her story and question her sanity. Amunet’s father arrives to take her home. He is growing tired of Amunet’s escapades.

A few weeks later Amunet’s father brings home as a potential suitor. This man is not nearly as charming or educated as some of the others she has met in the past. It seems the stories of the rebellious daughter who does not know her place has made her an unattractive prospect. Amunet gets up from the table and runs out the door.

Amunet’s does not get far; her father catches her and brings her home. Amunet is sent to her room in disgrace.

Amunet escapes through the window. She cannot stay but has nowhere to go; perhaps she could flee the city? Amunet spends hours darting through the streets trying to hide from guards who would take her back to her father. Tired and alone with nowhere to go Amunet heads to the library.

Amunet tries to climb into the library but Ershe appears at the window and pushes her back out. Amunet falls to the ground. Amunet tries to climb in again but loses her grip and falls. She hits her head and is knocked unconscious.

Amunet wakes in the guardhouse. Her father collects her. He says nothing just marches her home.

Amunet is alone in her room. The shutters on the window preventing escape.

Amunet gives in to despair. She has nowhere to go and no one to turn to. Amunet gags herself with a slip of bed linen then sets about opening her wrists. Amunet has not prepared for this event and digs every sharp implement into her wrists frantically trying to finish the job before she loses consciousness and has a chance to be saved. She hits an artery and loses consciousness as her father enters the room.

Amunet awakens in a dark tomb like chamber. She realises she is dead but does not understand how she yet moves, thinks, exists. Amunet is discovered by Ershe. Ershe explains Amunet is now Mekhet and all that entails. Amunet is given the free reign of the Library of Alexandria where she remains for the next 150 years…



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