Vitae et Mortem

Carthage S1E7

Baldovin scrabbles around in the dark crypt hunting down rats for sustenance. He decides to leave Carthage and slips out of the gates. After walking for a time, Baldovin spots an elephant on the horizon. Baldovin sneaks up on the elephant then mounts it. He hangs on and bites down, healing himself with the elephant’s blood. Baldovin then feeds the elephant some of his blood and leaves it in a cave. Baldovin then slips back into Carthage.

Aristodemos invites local Captains to dine with him at the Temple of Dagon. Captain Saltbeard alone arrives at the temple to accept this hospitality. They talk of business and then Aristodemos explains that he has the power to deal with any further disruptions in the docks. Captain Saltbeard is glad to hear this and affirms he has always respected the Temple of Dagon and Aristodemos can count on his support in the future.

Amunet arrives in Carthage. She meets with Chenzira a fellow Mekhet and member of the Cult of Anubis. Chenzira explains that the main goal of the cult is to remain hidden and gain a foothold in Carthage. Amunet asks what Chenzira requires of her and is told nothing save, keep us hidden; keep us secret.

Lilit is disappointed with the mask maker’s results. She makes him fall completely in love with her then asks if the mask is as beautiful as her face. The distraught mask maker breaks down in tears realising the masks grave insult to the perfect visage of the Goddess Lilit. Lilit further breaks the mask maker by allowing him to tell her everything. The mask maker begins a sobbing confession about how his humble skills could never do justice to the beauty of Lilit and he has so little time with all the masks he has to make for the other cult…

Aristodemos is paid an unexpected visit by Baal. Baal is charming, attractive and accompanied by an entourage of enthralled followers. Aristodemos finds Baal to be a little overpowering but is glad to hear that he is willing to lend aid to the temple due to a common heritage.

Baldovin enters a tavern and awes the crowd with his fame and legend. When the gathered crowd ask what they can do for the great Baldovin they are told to he needs writing materials and a scribe. A local bard offers his skills to Baldovin. They retire to a room above the tavern where the bard is staying. Baldovin dictates a letter to Lilit and one to Virus. Baldovin then departs with the bard. Shortly after leaving the adoring crowd, Baldovin thinks better of a bardic companion and kills him disposing of the body in a nearby well.

Baldovin builds a wall of rocks at the entrance to his cave, walling himself and his elephant in the dark. Baldovin then sleeps for the day.



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