Vitae et Mortem

Carthage S1E8

Baldovin awakes to discover that he is alone in the cave. The wall he constructed the previous night has been damaged. There is a blood-covered gap where the elephant must have smashed its way out. Baldovin decides to track the elephant and sets off into the night.

Amunet goes in search of a library. Unfortunately each library she finds is closed. When she asks where she might find a library that is still open she is directed to The Great Library of Baal. Amunet heads there and begins her studies.

Baldovin eventually find his elephant. Its face is badly smashed and bloody. Evidence that it decided to leave the cave through the wall. Baldovin feeds it more blood and leads it back to the cave. Hoping the elephant will stay in the cave he sets off over the cliffside towards Carthage.

Ildamer is plotting his next move at The Great Library of Baal. Upon seeing Amunet there and sensing the potency of her blood he decides to leave.

Lilit leaves the Temple of Lilith with an entourage of priestesses. They snake dance their way to the brothel. Lilit asks to speak to the man in charge. The proprietor asks if Lilit and her girls are looking for work. Lilit takes offence captivating the proprietor, then intimidating him using the full force of her supernatural presence. All while her priestesses continues the snake dance behind her. Lilit makes the men present fall in love with her then enters the brothel heading to the owner’s private rooms.

Lilit drinks from ‘Piggy’, the brothel owner until he is almost dead. Lilit has the guards that resisted her charms brought before her. She tells them they will now get their reward for services rendered signalling to the other two entranced guards to dispatch them. One of the resistant guards, Barbarus sees the attack coming and shouts a warning. As the half dead Piggy watches his guards fight a brutal mortal combat Lilit and her priestesses point and giggle mockingly. As the combatants tire Barbarus grabs Piggy and puts a blade to his throat. Lilit shouts ‘stop’ and her followers stop. Barbarus shouts ‘Leave or I kill him’. Lilit replies ‘Oh but you won’t do that. You love me’ and he does.

Upon entering Carthage Baldovin heads to the Temple of Dagon. On his way there he spots some shady looking figures in an alley. Baldovin sneaks over to the alley, and peers around the corner. He is met by four gazes. Realising that this is the creature that has been terrorising the docks. Baldovin demands explanation. ‘Or I could just let my men kill you…’ is his answer as the ringleader disappears into the shadows.

The fight is a three on one brutal bloody affair Baldovin frenzies after killing the first. In his frenzied state he cleaves the chest of the second open leaving him incapacitated and bleeding out. Baldovin then pounces on the third assailant and completely drains him off blood. After regaining his senses Baldovin interrogates the dying assailant and finds out that their leader is Ildamer who claims demesne over the docks. Finally, a name.

Aristodemos is surprised to see Baldovin. More so due to him looking more feral, frantic and desperate. Baldovin explains that he now knows who he is after and they will soon be brought to justice. After updating Aristodemos about Ildamer, Baldovin disappears into the night.

Having secured Piggy and the guards in her ‘guest’ quarters beneath the temple, Lilit is visited by Baldovin. Baldovin explains that he knows who is after and that he only needs to locate them. Lilit is pleased to share that she also has information. She has the mask maker brought before them. Once more she makes the mask maker tell her everything, especially about the secret cult and it’s location. The broken mask maker is a sobbing mess before Lilit’s feet. Lilit caresses him as she pries the information from him. Baldovin is jealous of the attention and almost frenzies. Upon hearing this information Baldovin declares that now is the time to strike. Lilit disagrees and they enter into debate. Baldovin’s standpoint is based on his unmatched tactical knowledge. However, they are in the Temple of Lilith and the assembly is mostly Lilit’s priestesses and lovers. Lilit takes a religious standpoint. It is over quickly and Baldovin is forbidden from pursuing his quarry.

Baldovin returns to his cave.

Baal pays a visit to his library. He sees Amunet still researching and heads over to her. Amunet hears him approach and turns to greet him. Baal is overcome with fear of Amunet’s ancient blood. He runs in terror from his library.



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