Vitae et Mortem

Rome Intro

In Egypt Akhenaten changes Egypts religion. The temple of Anubis does not like this so they send an assasin, Dadakai. In the aftermath, in order to save face the temple of Anubis deliver the assasin to the most horrific of punishments; living mumification.

Gaius Marius is visited by ancestor spirits. They tell him he is needed but his destiny does not lie with the living.

Ceade Fallus finds the most beautifull woman in all the world at his sexy party. He knows love, then death.

Tigirius Valvitari meets Severus Corvinus at a sexy party. Severus Corvinus embraces him before he destroys himself.

Severus Victus loses for the first time. He doesn’t take it lying down.

Gunthgar finds his love, Zelda on the arm of a Roman. He is intercepted by Ulfred Bestia before he can save her.

Angry at not being taken seriously a young man becomes a gladiator. he is encouraged by the most beautiful woman in the world.

Dakakai arrives in Rome on a slave ship and is greeted by Villius Palatine.

And so it begins.



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