Chronicle Setting

The Core Setting.

This chronicle is using the Requiem for Rome setting of Vampire the Requiem, but is set approximately 500 years before the standard setting during the Roman Republic not the Empire and expanded to include other ares of the ancient world.

House Rules.

Storyteller clarifications and modifications to the rules will be listed here.

Core Changes

Weapon Damage: The damage rating of a weapon does not add to your attack pool. Instead it adds a flat amount should the attack be successful.

Armour: Does not subtract from attackers dice pool. Instead it reduces the amount of damage you take should you be hit.

Defense: More a clarification on the core rules. You cannot opt to not use your defense if you are attacked. If you have previously sacrificed your defense for some reason this is fine. You cannot however, opt to not use your defense when attacked then sacrifice it later in the turn.

Requiem Changes

Vigor: Is now reflexive.

Resilience: Is now reflexive. Also while active your dots in Resilience downgrade an amount of aggravated damage equal to your Resilience dots each time you take aggravated damage.

Celerity: Now lasts for a scene per activation.

Aspect of Predator: Now gives you one point of armour.
Haven of Soil: Unchanged.
Form of the Beast: You can learn any number of forms at 15xp for each new form.
Claws of the Wild: Unchanged, just switched places with Form of the Beast.
Form of Mist: Unchanged

Chronicle Setting

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