This is the chronicle of Vampires in the ancient world. How they lurk on the fringes of humanity and manipulate the herd. This is the chronicle of how vampiric thirst for blood can bring the world to it’s knees. This is the chronicle of excess, politics, sex, violence, and blood.


There was much bloodshed and betrayal beneath the city. The Legion searched for a missing Quaestor, hunted Draugr deep in necropolis, conquered a village in the name of Rome and defeated a Strix. There was political intrigue that led to the death of a praetor and the appointment of another. There were shady dealings and gladatorial fights. There was much diablerie. The repercussions of which lead to a disastrous event now referred to as “The Night of Blood” in which one death had a snowball effect causing many of kindred Rome to frenzy and in an orgy of bloodshed, their numbers were severely depleted. many of these deaths were due to the unchecked violence of these enraged vampires running and fighting in the streets, others were due to old scores being settled during the confusion. The Romans are still feeling the effect of this night, trying to rebuild much of what they lost as well as prepare to go to war with the empire of Carthage (the first Punic war).


Carthage began as a spin off in order to introduce some new vampires into the game setting. The Carthaginians (who happen to be mainly Clan Daeva) have proven to be quite capable kindred. They walk the streets of this empire as walking gods among men, their mortal followers worship and love them unquestioningly. The streets are made beautiful at the behest of the gods and the people live under their powerful gaze. As war with Rome looms on the horizon (the first Punic war), the gods have turned their attention not to the war-front itself, but the defense, protection and training of the Carthaginian people.


As tension builds with war coming ever closer, with the Republic of Rome and the Empire of Carthage eyeing each other warily. A new and as yet undiscovered threat has gathered in the lands of the North. A giant terrifying spectre of a man has succeeded in rallying a vast horde of men to invade the lands of the South. He has convinced them through intimidation, terror and his actions, that he was chosen by the gods to bring ruin to the men of the South that invade their land and killed many people. He tells of how he and his own were all cut down in battle, now he is back he seeks vengeance and retribution and only the gods themselves can stayhis hand at this point. The horde of barbaric tribal men will be preceded by roving packs of feral vampires sent to sow terror and death throughout the land. And the men will drive ever southward in their wake.

Pirates of the Mare Internum – The Curse of the Gorgon’s Eye

A spin-off series wherein the players were playing human pirates upon the Mediterranean sea. The spin-off has gained something of an extension, as characters from it have managed to gain a foothold in the main game setting.

Chronicle Setting and House Rules

Vitae et Mortem

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